Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Agghhh Help this is my 1st time.............

Hello All I am very new at this and really do not have a clue what I am doing x Please can you give me some advice x


  1. ok I have now dicovered what I am doing x Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR

  2. Good luck with this blog..... i'll be watching


  3. Hi. It's really long but i'm not sure if thats just my pc. I'll follow you now and look forward to more postings. Pop over to mine and see my first postings. i didn't have a clue. lol. x

  4. Hi it's Anna from Evie George on Folksy (I'm starting to get multiple personality problems with all these names!! eek)

    Anyway, just a little tip if you want your blog to appear as a link in the forums type in http://harveycraftycards.blogspot.com it;s the http:// bit that makes it a link- it makes it easier for people to click rather than have to type it in.

    Good luck with the blogging... if you want to pretty up the background go and have a look at my blog. In the top left corner there's a link to ShabbyBlogs and you can get free pretty stuff and she gives you all the instructions.

    Good luck!

    Anna AKA George's Mum AKA Evie George

    P.S. Thank you very much for being my first repeat customer! yay x HAPPY NEW YEAR1