Monday, 24 May 2010

Wow what a time of it

Hello all

I am sorry for neglecting you all for so long with one thing and another things have become left behind including my Blog so here I am and hopefully back for good.

What beautiful weather we are having at the moment my only wish was my Aunty Irene was still alive to see it and enjoy it for those of you that didn't know my dearest Aunty died on the 28th of Feb aged 65 I still can not believe she has gone and I miss her dearly as I know everyone does she died of Septicemia which is a big killer that people do not know how serious is.

She died in the Good Hope hospital in Birmingham with everyone who loved her around her although funerals are very sad events I felt very uplifted at hers and it was an amazing turn out I had made all of the Order Of Services for the funeral and had printed out 150 well all of those went and a lot of people didn't have on and had to share it was so comforting to see all of her family and friends there there must have been at least 200 + people there amazing to think she had made an impact on so many peoples lives I only wish and hope I could / can do the same Therefore my 3 shops I have on folksy , and any sales I get from these I will donate £1.00 to a charity that helps people and families that are affected by septicemia to help give better understanding and support to families in need I would love you to support me in this and pass on the information to anyone and everyone thank you for your support xx

Nat xx

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sunshine Awards

Sunshine Awards

To Accept the award

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wedding Fayre

Good afternoon all hope you are well ? Today is my little girls 3rd birthday time really flies sorry I haven't left a blog for a while but with lots happening around me and trying to sort out a birthday party time has flown by.

Some of you may know I am doing a wedding Fayre at Gissing Hall on 12th Feb so excited trying to get everything ready for it found out my table is 8foot by 3foot so worrying I wont have enough items to display never mind think I will have to do a few demo runs at home so I know what it will look like and where to put everything, this will be my 1st Wedding Fayre so I am nervous about that but I have a better reason to be nervous and that is its going to be on TV in April and on Channel 4 so there will be a lot of people watching ( how Scary) if anyone has any tips on 1) wedding Fayre's whats good to take whats not and 2) what is it like being on camera agghh any help will be appreciated anyway signing off for today x bye

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Valentines is almost here

well with Valentines day coming up fast I have created perfect cards that are unique and can be used to decorate your home after the day by turning into a hanging heart very pretty and very popular so grab one today

Sunday, 24 January 2010

My Something New's

Ok so I have made some phone covers, now thinking of changing my design totally and would love some feedback here's my Ideas well 1st one I'm thinking........ same design but with a big pretty button on the front and a beautiful piece of ribbon to hold it closed and 2nd one I thinking of adding a flap again with a button and ribbon closure .......... so what do you think off to get some beautiful fabric tomorrow so watch this space added pictures of other fabrics I am using too would love feedback negative positive

Thanks for your time xxx

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Something New

Today I have made a new range to sell in my Folksy shop mobile phone covers , Ipod covers, wallets and purses very excited about this as I have already got them going into a shop on the high street and had a lot of interest I also do custom orders so if there is a certain fabric or item you would like let me know and I can give you a quote xx

Friday, 22 January 2010

I'm Back

Hello all I am back from a weeks away at Center Parcs must say how fun it was I had booked it for hubby's 30th surprise and he was very chuffed it all went to plan which was fab and our little girls were very well behaved which was great (but not normal ) he he bless them anyway we spent the weeks swimming walking and eating and I really do not dare to stand on our scales to see the damage !! anyway enough of that business back to normal will blog again as of tomorrow oh and trying to workout how to get more followers so any suggestions would be appreciated

Take care
Nat x

Friday, 15 January 2010

Breaking My New Yrs Res

Well guy's I am going to be breaking my New Yrs Res as I am going on holiday as of tomorrow and wont be able to get on to the Internet to write my blog just thought I would say that my blogging will continue upon my return from the wonderful world of Centre Parcs on the 23rd of Jan .

Hope you don't mind I will update you on all my goings on when I get back x

Regards Nat xx

Thursday, 14 January 2010

What a fab day

Well you all know about my mad and horrible last couple of day's well there definitely is a silver lining!! I have been contacted today to see if I would like to be on telly selling my wedding stationery !!! WOULD I ???? oh yes I would thank you I replied with a very quivery voice how excited am I er how about VERY!! the show will be aired in April Will let you all know when ooh how exciting need to get my hair and make up done ooh and what shall I wear ??? think I must go shopping on Folksy!!!

anyway how are you all ??

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What A Day

Well hello all, just when I thought things couldn't get worse 1st thing today yesterday's fall is catching up with me as aching all over 2nd thing managed to get to post office to post off goodies YAY!!! but I have now established that my wheel baring is on its way out and needs replacing 3rd thing being I have had no Internet connection all day !!

However on the up today I met a lovely lady called Olivia she owns a shop called "The Wishing Tree" in a little village called Long Stratton near Norwich and she sells such lovely items and is very pro Hand Made !! which is great she has agreed to sell some of my items in her shop which is very exciting my items will be in there very soon so please keep an eye on this blog as I shall be putting a link to her shop on here soon xx

For now night night xx

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Good Afternoon its been so many hours since my last blog

Hello to all of my followers thank you for following me now I did promise I would blog once a day so here it is

Whats happened in the life of harvey today??? Well I still cant go anywhere other than my garage which is where my tumble dryer is now as I have 2 children we get quite a bit of washing so after 4 wash loads today I have been backwards and forwards to the dryer however on my 4th and final trip back ( carrying DRY washing) my feet decide its time to go for a glide I fell over very gracefully I landed on my bottom washing everywhere and it all got wet again so I had to wash it again and re dry it however my story doesn't finish there !! I was embarrased that I fell over however no one saw me I was even more embarrased when I had my next door neighbour knock my door with one of my bra's which managed to go over there fence wanted the floor to swallow me up!!

anyone else have day's like this or am I just the lucky one??

Regards See you tommoro unless anything else happens that I feel the need to report

Monday, 11 January 2010

New Years res

Well I have now worked out what I am doing with my blog x I will blog something everyday I promise so if you want to see what happens in the life of Harvey Crafty Cards please follow me I can tell you its gonna be interesting he he see you round