Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Good Afternoon its been so many hours since my last blog

Hello to all of my followers thank you for following me now I did promise I would blog once a day so here it is

Whats happened in the life of harvey today??? Well I still cant go anywhere other than my garage which is where my tumble dryer is now as I have 2 children we get quite a bit of washing so after 4 wash loads today I have been backwards and forwards to the dryer however on my 4th and final trip back ( carrying DRY washing) my feet decide its time to go for a glide I fell over very gracefully I landed on my bottom washing everywhere and it all got wet again so I had to wash it again and re dry it however my story doesn't finish there !! I was embarrased that I fell over however no one saw me I was even more embarrased when I had my next door neighbour knock my door with one of my bra's which managed to go over there fence wanted the floor to swallow me up!!

anyone else have day's like this or am I just the lucky one??

Regards See you tommoro unless anything else happens that I feel the need to report

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