Thursday, 14 January 2010

What a fab day

Well you all know about my mad and horrible last couple of day's well there definitely is a silver lining!! I have been contacted today to see if I would like to be on telly selling my wedding stationery !!! WOULD I ???? oh yes I would thank you I replied with a very quivery voice how excited am I er how about VERY!! the show will be aired in April Will let you all know when ooh how exciting need to get my hair and make up done ooh and what shall I wear ??? think I must go shopping on Folksy!!!

anyway how are you all ??


  1. hmm i did post but i cant see it

    any way that is FAB!!!! u must be grinning from ear to ear

  2. Oh wow, how amazing when is it on, I will get my popcorn ready...go fellow folkster x