Monday, 24 May 2010

Wow what a time of it

Hello all

I am sorry for neglecting you all for so long with one thing and another things have become left behind including my Blog so here I am and hopefully back for good.

What beautiful weather we are having at the moment my only wish was my Aunty Irene was still alive to see it and enjoy it for those of you that didn't know my dearest Aunty died on the 28th of Feb aged 65 I still can not believe she has gone and I miss her dearly as I know everyone does she died of Septicemia which is a big killer that people do not know how serious is.

She died in the Good Hope hospital in Birmingham with everyone who loved her around her although funerals are very sad events I felt very uplifted at hers and it was an amazing turn out I had made all of the Order Of Services for the funeral and had printed out 150 well all of those went and a lot of people didn't have on and had to share it was so comforting to see all of her family and friends there there must have been at least 200 + people there amazing to think she had made an impact on so many peoples lives I only wish and hope I could / can do the same Therefore my 3 shops I have on folksy , and any sales I get from these I will donate £1.00 to a charity that helps people and families that are affected by septicemia to help give better understanding and support to families in need I would love you to support me in this and pass on the information to anyone and everyone thank you for your support xx

Nat xx

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